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About us...

We aim to

  1. develop physical and realistic mathematical models of machines that operate as converters of thermal, electrical, mechanical or chemical energy;
  2. characterize the dissipation sources (heat leaks or through entropy generation associated with out-of-equilibrium processes) and find ways to mitigate the effects of losses;
  3. study the coupled transport of energy and matter, possibly including phase change;
  4. study the integration of these machines into larger systems accounting for various types of boundary conditions: potential, flux, or mixed.

The main focus will be on the following devices: thermosyphons and vapor chambers for heat exchangers; Stirling refrigerator for cooling applications; thermoelectric systems for waste heat recovery. The studies will typically be on the TRL scale from 1 to 4.

Classical thermodynamics and its extension to irreversible and finite-time theories provide the means to design experimental setups to probe the properties of physical models, and the theoretical framework to develop and numerically simulate mathematical models. The experimental works will be developed using the heat transfer and dielectric spectroscopy setups already available and operational at Skoltech; the two setups are managed by Prof. Ouerdane. The theoretical works will be performed under the leadership of Prof. Ouerdane and in collaboration with Skoltech and external collaborators.

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Track record

Nonlinear dynamics
  • 4 Q1 papers per year and yearly participation at ASME TurboExpo (most prestigious conference in turbomachinery)
  • Possibility of patents with future industrial partners: new absorber or damper design...
  • Industrial contracts



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