Call of participation in 5th level autonomous truck Russian competition with Space Robotics Laboratory (Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering) Self-driving Car Team: HawkDrive!

This is an Up Great competitions which are implemented within the framework of National Technology Initiative (NTI) aiming at creating technological solutions capable of ensuring unmanned movement of the cargo platform.
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If you want to:
5️⃣ Develop a 5th level of autonomous system for self-driven truck.
🛻 Work with the most advanced DL technologies, e.g., Transformers, NeRF, CNN YOLOv8, DNFOMP for autonomous robots.
🔝 Enhance your skills by working with self-driving car AI.Self, equipped with advanced sensory systems with LiDARs.
🛻 Get professional support from LLC IntegraNT engineers.
💲 Win for ₽21 million prize fund!
then join us at Telegram!
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Any questions @ZionGo6