New findings facilitate solar storm forecasting based on dimming of Sun’s corona

Scientists from the Skoltech, together with colleagues from NorthWest Research Associates, the University of Graz and the Kanzelhöhe Observatory, and the Hvar Observatory, have developed new methods for using coronal dimmings observed in the solar corona for early diagnosis of powerful bursts of plasma from the Sun. Their findings can help better understand and predict extreme space weather events that directly impact many industries and technological systems in space and on Earth: satellites, airlines, power grids, communications, transportation, pipelines, emergency services. The results of their study will be published in the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal and are already on the preprint repository.

From the Space Weather Lab (Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering), the authors of the study are PhD students Galina Chikunova and Head of lab, Associate Professor Tatiana Podladchikova.