Our alumni project. Nikita Gorbadey

Nikita Gorbadey earned his master's degree at Skoltech, where he specialized in space and engineering systems, and worked in the Laboratory of Intelligent Space Robotics. In 2019, he became a silver medalist in the Eurobot 2019 International Autonomous Robot Competition (international stage).

You don't know your research subject well enough. In today's world, most tasks are solved in teams. Therefore, you need to take part in real team projects, where is a clear goal and deadlines. Working in a team, you learn to negotiate, show initiative, take responsibility, and meet deadlines. In real life, these qualities are equal to your technical "skills", so it is important to develop them during training.

Eurobot is about work with interesting and enterprising people with whom you become good friends. It is the joy of creating something complex with your own hands. It's about occasional sleepless nights in the lab when deadlines are tight. It's about meetings and discussions with your competitors, congenial soul. Who open up to new perspectives and solutions of the same problem to you. Eurobot is one of the most memorable events during your time at Skoltech.

I work as a developer of Flipper Zero, a device that supports multiple wired and wireless interfaces, capable of working with frequencies to control radio controls, smart home sensors, electronic locks, consumer electronics and access control systems. It is important to note that the experience I gained at university and at Eurobot helped me feel comfortable in a strong team that is doing very cool things.