The head of the Space Weather Laboratory revealed why there is a northern lights out over the suburbs of Moscow

Photo: Moscow 24 Telegram Channel.

"On February 24 and 25, our Sun produced flares, followed by powerful solar plasma ejections. The outbursts reached Earth on the night of February 27 and induced three days of geomagnetic storms, the most powerful in Solar Cycle 25. Bright Auroras could be seen at many places including latitudes of Moscow.  SpaceX had to delay a Starlink launch,  and there were also radio blackouts and GPS disruptures", says Tatiana Podladchikova, head of the Space Weather Laboratory at Skoltech.

Photo: The LASCO C3 coronographs on board the SOHO spacecraft

The video shows a propagation of a coronal mass ejection n interplanetary space in the direction to the Earth. The little white circle outlines the boundary of the Sun. Imagine the scale of the ejection!