This Wednesday CDE Seminars session will be hosted by Intelligent Sensing Group and AIDA group!

This is the main research seminar of the Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering. Each year we kick it off with a series of highlight lectures by our professors to introduce students to the wide range of competencies offered by our Center and to encourage them towards multidisciplinarity in their future academic and scientific endeavors. The range of topics is broad and includes many aspects of Digital Engineering, Systems Engineering, Product Development, Robotics and Automation and Space Research and Systems.

About the speakers:
Andrey Somov, Associate Professor, Head of Intelligent Sensing Group, Head of Wireless Sensing Research Group
Graduated from the MATI with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering, followed by a PhD at the University of Trento. Andrey’s research interests include power management for WSN and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cognitive IoT and associated proof-of-concept implementation.

Pavel Osinenko, PhD, Assistant Professor, Head of AIDA scientific group
Studied control engineering at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Dresden University of Technology. Pavel’s areas of research include reinforcement learning, especially its safety and connections to control theory, and computational aspects of dynamical systems.