This Wednesday CDE Seminars session will be hosted by System Thinking Group and Cyber-Physical Systems Lab!

This is the main research seminar of the Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering. Each year we kick it off with a series of highlight lectures by our professors to introduce students to the wide range of competencies offered by our Center and to encourage them towards multidisciplinarity in their future academic and scientific endeavors. The range of topics is broad and includes many aspects of Digital Engineering, Systems Engineering, Product Development, Robotics and Automation and Space Research and Systems.

About the speakers:
Clement Fortin, Dean of Education, Full Professor, Head of System Thinking Group
Dr Fortin came to Skoltech with an established record in education, research and innovation, having years of management and leadership experience both in academia and industry. In his research work, Clement has worked extensively in the field of advanced manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), particularly in computer aided geometric tolerancing, integration of design and manufacturing, computer aided process planning, product development methodologies, additive manufacturing, high performance machining and geometric error corrections of 5-axis machine tools.

Andreas Panayi, Professor of the Practice, Head of the Cyber-physical Systems Laboratory
Andreas Panayi joined Skoltech as the Professor of the Practice with extensive global experience in automotive and aerospace product development. His expertise focuses on leveraging computer aided engineering methodologies to enable the digital transformation of traditional analysis methods and expedite the product development cycle in order to develop efficient and reliable final products while reducing production and operating costs. Recognized for his contributions, advancements and transformations in aerospace product development through modeling and simulation, he was inducted to the Boeing Technical Fellowship as an Associate Technical Fellow in Structures.