Intelligent Sensing

About us

We  develop intelligent sensor systems based on wireless sensor networks, wearable systems and UAVs. Intelligent options are implemented using machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning and computer vision implemented in the context of embedded systems. Applications: monitoring, detection and control tasks. In particular biomedicine/telemedicine, cyber sports, agriculture, waste sorting, detection of harmful and explosive gases and gas mixtures.
Our industrial competences include:
-Development of embedded systems: wireless sensor modules, wearable systems, oculographs.
-Energy-efficient sensor measurement methods.
-Implementation of artificial intelligence and computer vision methods as software, including for embedded systems.
-Development of power supplies for low-power sensor systems based on alternative energy sources and methods for efficient energy management.
-Synchronisation methods for sensor networks and multi-sensor systems.
-Analysis of (multimodal) data.

The team of the group

Andrey Somov
Head of Intelligent Sensing Group
Assistant Professor
Anton Stepanov
Research Engineer
Anton Vinogradov
Project Manager
Nikita Stasenko
PhD student
Sergey Nesteruk
PhD student
Aleksey Shcherbak
PhD student
Ekaterina Kovalenko
PhD student
Arman Petrosyants
PhD student


A. Menshchikov, A. Somov

Aerial Robotics for Precision Agriculture: Weeds Detection Through UAV and Machine Vision.

pp. 23-51. In: O. Sergiyenko (eds.), Optoelectronic Devices in Robotic Systems. Springer, Cham.