Congratulations to the graduates!

The most important star: How do geomagnetic storms and solar flares affect our lives? Is it possible to predict space weather? 

Today is the day we graduate a new cohort of Skoltech students

Alexey Salimon becomes an Assistant Professor at the Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering in the Hierarchically Structured Materials laboratory

The Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering is selecting candidates for the Master's program in Engineering Systems 

Andrey Somov, head of the intelligent sensing group, was speak at the panel discussion of the XXVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Mikhail Nikolaev is the new part-time senior research engineer at the Systems Thinking Group led by Prof. Clement Fortin

Our alumni project. Nikita Gorbadey

Seminars of candidates for faculty positions (Engineering)

Scientists from Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering spoke at the second workshop of the International Space Sciences Institute (ISSI)