System Thinking

About us

Development and application of the Digital Engineering, MBSE and PLM methods & tools to develop more efficient, reliable and sustainable complex systems/products. These include autonomous systems, aerospace systems and, integrated engineering and manufacturing platforms for efficient product development. Some of the research themes of our group include the development of MBSE and PLM integration approaches; decision-making support tools; cyber-physical human systems development; complementarity in complex systems, autonomous systems, and integration of intelligent human systems.

The team of the group

Clement Fortin
Associate Provost,
Dean of Education,
Associate director of Digital Engineering center,
Head of Systems Thinking Group
Professor of the Practice
Yana Brovar
PhD Student
Mikhail Nikolaev
PhD Candidate in Engineering Systems
Behnoosh Meskoob
PhD Candidate in Engineering Systems
Anastasia Stelvaga
PhD Candidate in Engineering Systems
Sabah Farshad
PhD student
Natalia Glazkova
PhD student
Andrey Pimenov
PhD student


Menshenin, Y., Brovar, Y., Crawley, E., and Fortin, C.

Analysis of Systems Structural Relationships Through a DSM-Based Approach

DS 103: Proceedings of the 22nd International DSM Conference (DSM 2020), MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 13th - 15th 2020